PowerShell to find HyperLink Text in PowerPoint

Recently I faced a scenario where I needed to find if a particular url is used in hyperlink in 100s of ppt. Opening ppt and looking for the ppt is cumbersome,  so wrote a small PowerShell to find the url. Here is the PowerShell Script code

$FilePath= "C:\Users\xxx\Path"
Add-Type -AssemblyName Office
$ppt = New-Object -ComObject powerpoint.Application
$DocumentsLib = Get-ChildItem -Path "$FilePath" -Filter "*.ppt*" -Recurse
$Doc = New-Object -ComObject powerpoint.Application

$DocumentsLib | ForEach-Object {

Write-Host $_.FullName
$Doc = $ppt.Presentations.Open($_.FullName,$Null,$Null,[Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoTriState]::msoFalse)
$Slides = $Doc.Slides
Foreach ($Slide in $Slides) {
    $Slide.Hyperlinks | ForEach-Object {
        if ($_.Address -like "*texttofind*" -or $_.Text -like "texttofind*") 
           write-host $_.Address
           write-host "Found"
#$ppt = $null
 Write-Progress -Activity "Searching Hyperlinks" -Status "Progress:" -PercentComplete ($i/$DocumentsLib.count*100)


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