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Znet India - Top Web Hosting Company in India

It is a nightmare to find a good web hosting company in India. Two years back when I started Yash Softech, I searched a lot for a good web hosting company in India and found Znet India located at Jaipur. The initial response was pretty good and satisfactory and I started booking my domain and hosting with this company, gave a few clients too.

But my good days when coming to services provided by this company didn't lasted for long. I faced a series of problem and waited for two days to get rid of one... can you imaging... giving solution for a simple hosting problem Znet India takes 2 days to solve... Here are a few problems which I faced.

1) The cpanel which they gave me doesnt allows me to create new FTP, I waited for some 2 months to get solution for this problem.
2) Their lost password of control panel never worked for me.
3) I was not able to create a new email with the cpanel they provided,some real tricky work they did when configuring cpanel.
4) The file manager of their cpanel…

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Yash Softech : Career

Yash Softech : Career

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